If you're frustrated trying to keep your garage clean and organized, let us help you make the most of your limited space and simplify the storage of all of your family's belongings. Activity organizers are strong, space efficient, adjustable, and easy to install.

Each of our activity organizers is made from heavy gauge steel that is epoxy coated to protect from scratches and scuffs. The 2' x 4' grid mounts vertically or horizontally along the wall at any height. Once the grid is secure, the individual organizers lock into place without any additional hardware or tools. Organizers can also mount directly to the wall for more permanent installation. We have a range of organizers for storing tools and gear, including a loop hook, grip everything hook, garden rack, hand tool rack, bike hook, ski rack, sports mesh basket, fish hook, and golf rack. Choose from three easy ways to make the most of your space with grid installation, solid or hollow wall installation, or slatwall installation.

No matter how messy your garage is now, our garage organizing products can handle any item and manage your space. From tools and bikes to racquets and fishing equipment, Amazing Space can handle anything you store in the garage. Adjust as many times as you'd like, the storage possibilities are endless!